Community Pulse: Righting the U.S. economic ship

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What is the single most important step that will help right the
U.S. economic ship?

What is the single most important step that will help right the U.S.

economic ship?

– Banning corporate and labor union contributions to candidates. Of the three choices, this is the best but certainly does not go far enough.

The U.S. Supreme Court may disagree with me but the single most

important action that must be taken to reduce the systemic corruption

between government and special interests is sweeping campaign finance

reform … good luck with that!

– Cut government spending. Since government gets almost all its money from taxes, cutting government spending will provide businesses with more investment capital and consumers with more money to spend on consumer goods, stimulating domestic job growth. Raising taxes only gives the government more money to waste; Banning corporate and labor union contributions to candidates has NOTHING to do with Gross Domestic Product growth or stabilizing the economy.

– Single most important will be to cut spending. Unfortunately, given the circumstances there is going to be a tax increase, too. There is no way that the fix will come tomorrow. We are borrowed out 10 years, so don’t hold your breath. You forgot the choice of “throwing the bums out.”

– U.S. needs to loosen lending guidelines so people can refinance their homes, make additional purchases and move up. A person such as myself with excellent credit, great earning potential but a commission only joy cannot purchase an investment home that I can afford. With all the related businesses to real estate transactions, the economy would leap ahead.

– Raise taxes 14% for people making more than me, which would be just about everyone!

– Raise taxes on people who earn $250,000 annually or more. Stop or at least significantly reduce corporate tax breaks.

– It must be a combination of everything. We can’t ask the high income people to pay more until until we cut spending. We must also assure those being asked to pay more, that when government does spend, it does so effectively. Which brings up the topic of corporate and union influence. Yes, a change in corporate and union influence is a must. Their unbalanced influence is not only unfair, it causes much waste of our tax dollars. In addition, their self-serving actions contribute to the entitlement syndrome that has created so much animosity between us all.

– Cut government spending – a good place to start but obviously only part of the solution.

– It’s a matter of expediency … first: bring in revenue the only form the government has: taxes; then, we have the luxury of reviewing government spending and inefficiency and cutting costs. Finally, we must limit the ability of people/corporations to buy votes via political contributions.

– Fire the 535 legislators we currently have in Washington and elect people who actually have leadership skills. But, if government spending is cut by just one penny per dollar (Florida legislator’s idea) and current spending levels aren’t raised, that could result in a very interesting economic shift and focus.

– Raise taxes for the top 10% who do not pay their fair share. Also do away with tax breaks for corporations that are making billion dollar profits each quarter – oil corporations.

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