Community Pulse: Do you feel safe in downtown Gilroy at night?

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Do you feel safe in downtown Gilroy at night?

Do you feel safe in downtown Gilroy at night?

– Yes. I’ve not been there very late, but up until 11 p.m. I have felt perfectly safe at Gilroy Center for the Arts, Milas, Lizarran, etc.

– YES. I have always felt safe downtown at night. Admittedly, I wouldn’t walk

down the alley south of the Aloha Club, but I’ve got no business being there anyway. I used to play in that alley when I was a kid and Mom said to be out of the alley by 9p.m. I guess she was telling me to be aware of what is going on around me and act accordingly.

– Yes. Never had a problem …

– Yes, I do feel safe downtown, day or night. However, it will be really nice if there are more reasons to be downtown at night – and kudos to the new businesses that are starting up and growing there. We need to be there for them!

– Yes. I’ve never had a problem. However, I am concerned about the amount of gang activity in our community.

– Yes, I do. Now I’ll have cameras to mug in front of – always like silly faces in pictures. We actually have a lot going on downtown and I wish I had time to attend all the events. I love the 5th Street music.

– Absolutely Yes! However many of my friends simply do not feel safe downtown at night.

– No … not yet. However, as the demand for more wholesome evening-oriented businesses such as restaurants grows, troublesome businesses like the seedy bars will be displaced and vacant storefronts filled. In the meantime, get the cameras up … they’ll help! n I don’t go downtown. P.S.: unless the spy camera(s) are going to be monitored by real live people 24/hrs/365 days/yr, crimes in progress will still happen before the cops can arrive.

– YES! I have worked downtown for more than 10 years (day and night) and have never once been concerned about my safety. Downtown is safer than many other areas in Gilroy, statistically speaking, and the perception that there is a scary negative element is seriously misguided. Downtown is a wonderful place to come for dinner or a comedy show, and currently there is a great Friday Night music event on 5th street – so join us!

– No, I only feel safe if with a group and on the Western side of Monterey.

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