Community Pulse: Close downtown restaurants and bars at 10 p.m.?

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Should the city require
downtown restaurants and bars to close at 10 p.m. for safety

Should the city require downtown restaurants and bars to close at 10 p.m. for safety reasons?

– 10 p.m. sounds good! Better still, why not simply fence off the entire downtown to truly ensure public safety? Of course the fence location

might be a bit of a problem since, apparently, no one knows where the

downtown boundary is. How ’bout we name downtown Chernobyl and hope

everyone stays away?… our motto can be “just keep driving and save a

lot.” BTW, NO!

– NO. Let free enterprise reign; the city does not need to become the Gestapo by trying to over-control a non-existent problem.

– Yes. Never had a problem … –

– No.

– No. It’s safer at night downtown with businesses open and people are around especially on the weekends.

– No, that is ridiculous. That would be another example of 90 percent of the people paying for the mis-deeds of the 10 percent. Do like in college towns – bars whose patrons cause problems are shut down. Three strikes and they’re out!

– No. That would be a ridiculous requirement. How in the world are our restaurants supposed to compete with San Jose or Morgan Hill?

– NO! Sounds socialistic to me. We are trying to tell the public that our

downtown is a safe place, this would say it definitely is not!

– No way! That would only hurt their business – and we want to help and support them.

– No. That would be too early. If there was more of a problem downtown it should be considered but I don’t think the downtown has that problem. Most of the establishments are handling their problems pretty well. If there is one establishment that is getting too much police attention then that is another issue.

– Hopefully this is a hypothetical and nowhere near to becoming a real proposal. Our city needs to promote commerce, not strangle it. The “no dancing downtown” rule is absurd, this would be a cruel joke on hard-working business owners and our community.

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