Red Phone: New Gold’s Gym long overdue

“I am following up on the past articles about Gold’s Gym construction. Each time you print something it is a couple months more. That guy took our money more than a year ago promising us a beautiful new gym in a few months. At what point is it a legal issue in that he collected our money with the promise of a new gym. But we just have a little store front gym to go to, which is not what he was selling us. Are there any updates? I don’t see any construction going on there.  Can we get our money back and rejoin when they actually have something to give us. I am curious to see what the owner has to say and what the city has to say.”


Red Phone: Dear Peaked Out, Red Phone received a call in January wondering when the new Gold’s Gym down the street from the current one on San Ysidro Avenue was going to be open. 

At that time, a gym representative said it would open in March or April. That time came and went. Then the estimate was that construction would begin in May and the building would take about three months to complete. 

But now it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Construction started about three weeks ago in the San Ysidro Plaza in the former Premium Furniture Outlet building, said Ginda Singh, the general manager. The construction is scheduled to be competed in about six to 10 weeks, he said. 

“We are pretty relieved right now to be started,” he said. “It’s not a position we want to be in because we are not making any money right now. We have a lot of members who have waited a long time for this.”

David Chung, a building official with the City of Gilroy, confirmed a building permit had been issued on July 15.

During the interim period while the new gym is being built, Gold’s has not charged new members who have signed a contract to workout at the current storefront facility, Singh said. 

The plumbing has been installed in the new building along with interior walls.

“We are ahead of schedule,” Singh said.

The 25,000-square-foot gym will have a children’s area, workout training class areas, juice bar, full basketball court, sauna, steam room and movie theater. 

In the future as part of Phase 2, Gold’s wants to build a pool, adding another 10,000-square-feet or so to the facility. The gym is surveying members to see what size of pool they want, weather they want a full size Olympic pool or just a lap pool, he said. They are also looking at whether there would be interest from community groups in using the pool. Once the size is decided, they would have the architect draw up plans and submit them to the city. Singh didn’t have a time frame for the second stage.

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