Morgan Hill man arrested on suspicion of possession of meth and dead bobcat

A Morgan Hill man was arrested on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine, cockfighting paraphernalia and a dead bobcat, police said.
Deputies from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team served a search warrant for a suspected pot garden in unincorporated west Morgan Hill about 7:05 a.m. yesterday, according to Sgt. Jose Cardoza.
They did not find a pot garden, but they found a man who was under the influence of methamphetamine on the property near Sleepy Valley Road and Armsby Lane, Cardoza said.
The man was living in a trailer on the property, and authorities determined he was high on the drug, and was in possession of pipes that could be used for smoking methamphetamine, Cardoza said. The man, whose name is currently unavailable, also had a small amount of methamphetamine.
Authorities also found seven cockfighting “gaffs,” or implements that fit over a rooster’s leg for the purpose of illegally fighting the animals, Cardoza said. Also found on the property was a bobcat carcass.
Deputies arrested the man for the drug suspicion, and Cardoza said California Fish and Game will process the bobcat-related charges.
It is illegal to kill a bobcat out of season, and anyone who hunts the animals must be required to show proof that they killed the wild felines legally, according to Fish and Game environmental scientist Cristen Langner, who is not familiar with this case. Bobcat trapping season goes from late November to Jan. 31. Bobcat hunting season goes from Oct. 15 to Feb. 28.



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