Red Phone: Keeping Walmart clean

“I would like to know why the Gilroy Walmart can’t be more like the Morgan Hill Walmart where it is nice, clean and organized. The people that work there are very well groomed and the clientele that comes in are very neat and orderly. The Gilroy Walmart is absolutely atrocious and disgusting, whereas the Morgan Hill Walmart is superb.”

Red Phone: Dear Hall Monitor, That may be one of the drawbacks of maintaining a store that is more than double the size of its northern neighbor. The Gilroy Walmart, which opened in 2005, has almost 220,000 square feet of space. Morgan Hill’s store opened in 2009 and has just 80,000 square feet available.

One of the tradeoffs to having a smaller, cleaner store is less selection. The Morgan Hill Walmart features only the most popular items. But the Gilroy Walmart offers more bang for the buck, not just in its sale of ammunition that Morgan Hill doesn’t have (pun intended). Being classified as a Supercenter, Gilroy’s store has more extra departments like an auto center, a salon, jewelry center, home and garden center and bakery.

A majority of the 40 comments left about the Gilroy Walmart on Yelp, a site where people can give reviews of businesses, have been positive. There were 25 people who ranked the Walmart with four or five stars, and there were 15 people who gave it one, two or three stars.

The Morgan Hill Walmart was almost split in the number of people who liked and disliked it. Fourteen people gave it a four- or five-star rating, and 10 people gave it a rating of three or worse.

Both Walmarts were praised for the convenience of being open 24 hours a day.

While there were no comments about the Morgan Hill Walmart being dirty, there were comments about some items not being in stock or prices being higher than Gilroy. Both Walmarts received complaints of bad customer service especially late at night.

One customer echoed the thoughts of the reader about the Gilroy Walmart: “It was dirty, the departments were a mess and every aisle had products all over the floor. Things on shelves were not in the right places, just everywhere.”

The Walmart corporate office did not return inquiries seeking comment for this response. Which Walmart do you prefer? Are you in Gilroy and go to the Morgan Hill store or vice versa? Let us know what you think.

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