Red Phone: Gold’s Gym eyes opening

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

“What’s going on with Gold’s Gym? October came and went and it’s still not open.”
Red Phone: Dear Waiting To Get Buffed, It’s about that time to do the newest update to the When-Is-Gold’s-Gym-Opening feature. In this feature we try to keep readers up-to-date on when the new Gold’s Gym in the San Ysidro Plaza will open.
Both staff and customers have been flustrated with the delays in securing permits and starting construction. The owners are especially looking forward to the opening because they haven’t been charging members to use the temporary facility across the street.
The end may be finally in sight, though. Ginda Singh, the general manager, said he is expecting to be done with construction by the first week of December and should be able to narrow down an opening date in the next 10 days.
“We’re about 90 percent done right,” he said. “We are excited for the people of Gilroy to get this project completed and showcase the new gym. We thank everyone for sticking it out and for understanding. It is not something we want obviously.”
A few things still need to be done like tiling, painting and installing lights, Singh said.
The 25,000-square-foot gym will have a children’s area, workout training class areas, juice bar, full basketball court, sauna, steam room and movie theater.
In the future as part of Phase 2, Gold’s wants to build a pool, adding another 10,000-square-feet or so to the facility. The gym is surveying members to see what size of pool they want, weather they want a full-size Olympic pool or just a lap pool, he said. They are also looking at whether there would be interest from community groups in using the pool. Once the size is decided, they would have the architect draw up plans and submit them to the city.

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