Letter: Great job on high-speed rail meeting bills

Great job of investigative reporting by the Dispatch on high-speed rail meeting bills
Dear Editor,
Having just read your front page story “$120 per hour high-speed rail meetings called into question”, I would like to commend your newspaper for such thorough investigative reporting.
This person’s business ethics had been brought to the community’s attention last spring, and just as your editorial mentioned then, the South County Collaborative, by not pressing charges, was just “kicking the can down the road.” Not stopping this person from doing other “consulting” for organizations that are using our tax dollars then, indeed allowed him to do it again.
Shame on anyone who doesn’t call the police when they suspect wrongdoing. As a Gilroy resident, I wish this unethical person would resign four our school board. Having to remove him by recall would only be spending more of our tax dollars. He needs to be prosecuted and stopped from inflicting more harm on our community. Great investigate reporting, Mark Powell.
D.R. Aubrey, Gilroy
Editor’s note: Gilroy Unified School District Trustee Francisco Dominguez resigned his position days after this letter was penned.

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