Hamilton: Adoptable at Pet Friends


Hamilton is a handsome two year old Husky mix. He is very athletic and active, and needs a home with room to run, and people who can help him to be a great dog, with the right training. His light blue eyes are striking, and his body shows the strength these dogs have to work. Bred to be working dogs, they are happy to serve their people in exchange for affection and a home. He is very active, and would need help channelling that energy, but the reward would be great- a playful, high-energy dog to welcome you home each day. He will need a yard with a tall fence, he is a jumper and will look for excitement wherever he can find it. Like most Huskies, he will need a special person, someone who will be his pack leader to guide him to make the right choices as a companion dog.

If you’re the right person for him, call or visit Pet Friends at 831-634-1191. We’re located at 2975 Buena Vista Road in Hollister. See more of our cats and dogs at our website www.petfriends.org. Seeing Hamilton in person is the best way to experience this awesome dog. Dogs like this are very quick to be adopted, so he will not likely be at Pet Friends for long.

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