Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour’

If you are a fan but never had the opportunity to experience the King of Pop perform, this is as close as you will ever get. “Cirque du Soleil” has combined Jackson’s music, dancing and awe-inspiring visuals into a celebration of the experience of one of his legendary concerts.
Writer and director Jamie King with his creative team used a visit to Jackson’s Neverland Ranch as an inspiration for the creation of this show.
Using the elements of Cirque’s signature style, the show explores Jackson’s vast musical collection through dance, acrobatics and aerial feats. Set to his music with videos and voiceovers, you are taken on a wild, surrealistic journey of his music and dance as only Cirque can deliver.
Choreographer Travis Payne and his team of assistants put emphasis on dance, blending the creativity of “Cirque du Soleil’s” magnificent, off-the-wall choreography with Jackson’s signature moves. It’s all mixed with acrobatics, gymnastics and video footage of Jackson, shown on multiple video screens on stage. The footage spans Jackson’s career, from the Jackson 5 and rehearsals for the ill-fated “This Is It” tour.
Creating a rock concert honoring this one-of-a-kind performer was no easy task. The creators managed to compact Jackson’s legacy as a musician, singer and dancer into one action-packed two-hour spectacle. For fans this show is a moment in time to once more touch the spirit of the genius that has been left to survive. For those of you that weren’t fans before, enjoying this moment in time might just make you one.
Fan or not, “The Immortal World Tour” will entertain and elevate the mental fantasies as only Michael Jackson and “Cirque du Soleil” can.

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