Residents urged to be cautious after MH burglaries

Police briefs

Morgan Hill police urge residents to keep their doors and windows locked after a series of home burglaries reported in recent weeks.

The burglaries have happened in southwest Morgan Hill, on San Ramon Drive between East Dunne and Tennant avenues, according to a press release from the Morgan Hill police department. The burglaries seem to be occurring mostly in the late morning to early afternoon hours, though some have occurred at other times throughout the day.

Witnesses have reported seeing a possible suspect described as a Hispanic male adult in his late teens to early-20s, 5-feet, 6-inches to 5-feet, 9-inches in height, with tattoos on his hands and forearms, police said.

Police remind residents to secure their homes and make sure all doors, windows and sliding doors are locked when they are away, even for short periods of time.

“If possible, notify a trusted neighbor that you will be away and to keep an eye on your home,” Morgan Hill police Sgt. Bill Norman said in a statement.

Anyone with information about the burglaries, or thinks they have been victimized may call Morgan Hill police at (408) 779-2101 or the anonymous tip line at (408) 947-7867.

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