Would you vote for an additional local sales tax to financially support Saint Louise Hospital?

• Yes, as much as I feel the weight of our tax burden, I do believe our community is served well by Saint Louise. • No. Hospital is supposed to be self-sufficient. We are already paying for the Gilroy Unified School District, Gavilan Community College and the library. • No. Although I support nonprofits personally, this is a religious based facility and should not be supported by a local sales tax measure. • Why would the public support a private hospital? • No. There are other areas to tackle in terms of leadership that won’t be resolved with a local tax. • No. Saint Louise is profit based, they can raise their own funds! • Yes. Having a local hospital is a very key need in South County and it’s a critical business worthy of community support. Quality health care is more important than a new library, a police station building or many other public endeavors. • No. This financing is the responsibility of the owners, the Daughters of Charity. • Yes, the sales tax is generated largely by out-of-town shoppers, so they would be paying for something that benefits the local residents.

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