Mystery person strikes it rich in Gilroy

Winning Mega Millions ticket purchased in Gilroy

Someone who purchased a Mega Millions lottery ticket in Gilroy won $92,554 during the Jan. 3 drawing – but that person isn’t aware of his/her good fortune, or just hasn’t gotten around to claiming it yet.

The winning ticket was the highest of two, according to California State Lottery Spokeswoman Kelley Kell. Another winner in Los Angeles will also take home $92,554.

No one scored the $15 million jackpot, meaning Friday’s prize money went up to $25 million.

Kell said the winner in Gilroy matched all five numbers, save for the sixth “mega” number. The lucky digits were 2, 3, 15, 22 and 36. The mega number was 23.

“There has been no claim for the Gilroy ticket yet, so it’s still outstanding,” said Kell Friday.

She said the winning Gilroy ticket was purchased from the 7-Eleven located at 3700 Leavesley Road.

To claim the winnings, Gilroy’s winner must visit one of California Lottery’s nine district offices for a verification and security screening. The prize money takes about four to six weeks to arrive, and is paid via check in one lump sum. The winner may also opt to fill out a form and mail in the winning ticket to the California Lottery headquarters in Sacramento, according to Kell.

Kell said approximately 25 percent of federal taxes are deducted from the winnings, meaning the Gilroy and L.A. winners will take home $69,416.

As of Monday afternoon, Kell said the winning ticket purchased in Gilroy is still outstanding. 

Mega Millions is a large, multi-state lottery in the United States. Each ticket costs $1.

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