How would you describe automobile traffic circulation in Gilroy?

• Fair. We have some issues with weekend visitor traffic and during the week with school drop offs/pick ups.  • Very good. I know I will be in the minority, but for those who think WE have it bad, go experience traffic anywhere else in the Bay Area. We are spoiled. And because we refuse to accept the fact that Gilroy is no longer a small town, we will all pay for it. Since the city currently requires relatively low traffic congestion (high level of service), as we grow that translates into lots of new, very expensive land, pavement and traffic signals all requiring monitoring and maintenance. Guess what, these cost get passed on to residents and businesses … there’s no free lunch! • Fair. I drive during the day if necessary and during commute time. Traffic navigation is not difficult. • Fair. There are a few key intersections where the lights don’t seem to be synchronized well. Here are my favorite long-wait spots: 1. 10th St. from Chestnut to Camino – four lights that don’t seem to talk to each other; 2. First and Miller where I often wait at a red light only to have the other direction turn red (my green) just as another car comes from that way!; 3. First and Monterey combined with First and Church. I have waited through three light changes to turn left from Monterey onto First because First is backed up from Church to Monterey. I may have the arrow, but no place to go. Good circulation happens at Masten and Monterey, Welburn/Leavesley and Monterey, Leavesley/101 ramps/Outlet & In ‘n’ Out paths. • Fair … all depends on the time of day, the schools dictate the traffic flow at 8 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. traffic stinks! • Very good. We are so lucky that all we have to do is avoid the Outlets on weekends and holidays. There’s no high traffic except by the two high schools before and after school. Life is good. Try living in San Jose, San Francisco or Los Angeles. The traffic and parking are nearly impossible in those cities. • Fair. Having a main artery from U.S. 101/Monterey Road to the northwest area would be nice, but we’re stuck with Welburn, when it should have been Mantelli. When 10th Street finally connects with Santa Teresa, that will be a big help. But, we’re growing and we just have to realize we can’t “get across town” in 5 minutes anymore! • Not really liking the choices! I believe it is better than fair but not very good! So I will have to go with fair! • Actually, surprisingly good although somewhat heavier than when we first moved to Gilroy, of course. I think the lights around Christopher High School are especially responsive and on Santa Teresa in general. • Very good. I seldom have a problem with traffic except with people who don’t pay attention to what they are doing or who don’t think that stop signs/lights apply to them or at very high traffic locations around 10th and U.S. 101 or Leavesly and U.S. 101. • Good. The only issues with traffic are around schools when the are starting and getting out. It seems like most schools have plans that work pretty well. On Fridays and holiday weekends U.S. 101 backs up trying to get to Los Banos on Highway 152. • I believe it is good. There are a couple spots that notoriously back up, but they are associated with certain times and can be avoided.


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