Photo contest winner announced

Team photo

Many residents responded to our “Who’s on First?” Little League baseball photo contest, where we asked readers to identify players from the 1966/67 Optimists team.

Among those who sent in guesses were John Tomasello, Pam Giminez, Don DeLorenzo, Joel Goldsmith, Ronald Kretz, Dion Bracco, John Kent, Kathleen Powell, Clorinda Sergi, Ron Fellows and Harvey Whtiney.

So, without further adieu, here are the names starting at the top row standing from left to right: Daniel Bracco, Assistant Coach Jerry Bracco, Doug Malinoff, Marty McAvoy, Gary Filice, John Kent, Coach Charles Mulch, Ray Mulch and Dion Bracco. Kneeling are: David McHenry, Danny Cooper, Mike Walker, Mark Hewell, Frank Perino, Jim Zamzow and Ron Fellows.

In the end, two Rons took home the bacon, or in this case pizza. Ron Kretz, who played against them on the Rotary team, and Ron Fellows, who played on the team, named all of them correctly. As a tiebraker for the $25 pizza gift card, Ron and Ron can email in the name of the person most often mentioned who is not in the picture.

Pick one and email it in. The choices are Jim Habing, Dicky Ferrante, Mark Terrill, Tommy Guajardo or Brett Morton.

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