Police briefs: Loud music leads to narcotics arrest


A complaint of loud music turned into possible felony charges Saturday for one Gilroy man, according to the Gilroy Police Department.

Around 2 p.m., officers responded to a call of loud music coming from a Chevrolet SUV parked on the 7100 block of Church Street. When officers arrived, they approached 39-year-old Manuel Sanchez Haro, who walked toward the SUV and turned off the music, GPD Sgt. Chad Gallacinao said.

Officers noticed Haro was “attempting to conceal items in his pockets,” arousing officers’ suspicion, Gallacinao said.

During a search, officers found “multiple plastic baggies that contained suspected cocaine,” along with an unmarked canister of pepper spray, Gallacinao said.

Haro was arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine for sale and possession of tear gas. Under the California Penal Code, it’s illegal for anyone convicted of a felony or an assault to possess tear gas or pepper spray.

Gallacinao did not comment on Haro’s past history with police. According to the Santa Clara County Superior Court, Haro has at least one felony case from August 2011.

Car dealer hit by late-night burglary

Thieves stole more than $5,000 worth of equipment during a late night, weekend burglary at a Gilroy car dealership, police said.

Sometime Saturday night, an unknown number of suspects broke into site trailers at the new, under-construction Gilroy Toyota dealership on Chestnut Street, making off with four computers, a 42-inch flatscreen television and an $800 industrial coffee maker, according to the GPD.

At this time, police are not discussing any potential evidence, including whether there is security footage of the assailants, while the investigation continues, Gallacinao said.

“We’re looking at all possible investigative leads,” he said.

Man finds meth in truck bed

One Home Depot shopper found more than a good deal Sunday afternoon.

According to police, the man was shoveling gravel into the bed of his truck outside the home improvement store when he discovered a black, nylon pouch that didn’t belong to him, police said.

He turned the pouch over to police, who reported there were approximately 14 grams of methamphetamine inside.

Gallacinao said suspects sometimes ditch narcotics – or on other occasions, guns – in nearby vehicles fearing they’ll be caught with the contraband.

“They might have to get rid of it real quick,” he said. “Is it common? No. Does it happen? Yes.”


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