Red Phone: Street cluttered with used cars

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

“People are leaving their cars parked for sale on the south side of First Street from Carmel to Church Street. It looks like a used car lot. Last time this happened on the north side of First Street the city decided instead of tagging the cars to put up two-hour parking signs. I have visions of these two-hour parking signs all over the city rather than the city coming out and tagging the cars making it known it is illegal to park on city streets with ‘for sale’ signs.”
Red Phone: Dear Used Car Lot, Well actually it’s not illegal to park the cars on a city street.
However there are a few stipulations that must be followed, said Gary Muraoka, the Gilroy Police Department Vehicle abatement officer. Since this area is not posted with two-hour signs, people can park their vehicles on the street for sale as long as they are moved every 72 hours, and they must be licensed and insured, he said.
“I do check vehicles in this area to ensure they do not park over 72 hours and I do check that they are currently licensed,” Muraoka said.
Hope that helps good caller.

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