Eyesore of the Week update: Sidewalk on Monterey

6951 Monterey Road near 10th Street

Another eyesore in Gilroy has turned over a new leaf.

We want to give a pat on the back to whoever cleaned up the sidewalk along Monterey Road in front of Rosso’s Furniture and Gilroy Hobby.

It went from a litter-infested patch of dirt to a place with potential for new trees and plants.

Here’s the first story about the former Eyesore of the Week from Sept. 6, 2011:

Just a hop, skip and jump from the Dispatch offices is this patch of overgrown weeds with trash acting as ground cover at 6951 Monterey Road. The about 15-foot-long section of sidewalk that’s on the southbound side of Monterey Street, near Gilroy Hobby is the responsibility of De La Torre Properties LLC.

The City of Gilroy’s municipal code (section 12.46) prohibits the accumulation of weeds or refuse as follows: “No owner, agent, lessee or occupant or other person having charge or control of any building, lot or premises within the city shall permit weeds or refuse to remain or accumulate upon such premises or upon public sidewalks or streets or alleys between such premises and the center line of any public street or alley.”

Also, the address is on the city’s weed abatement list and has been fined $250.

Let’s see this section of Monterey Road cut back and kept up – it’s a well-traveled part of our town, it shouldn’t be an eyesore.

WHERE: 6951 Monterey Road near 10th Street

PROBLEM: Overgrown weeds, litter


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