Poppy Jasper film gets Oscar nod

The Oscar-nominated short film "Time Freak" by Andrew Bowler and

A little piece of Morgan Hill is going to be at the 84th Academy Awards this year on Feb. 26.

A film shown at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival in Morgan Hill last October, “Time Freak” by Andrew Bowler and Gigi Causey, is nominated for an Oscar under the short film (live action) category. The 2012 Oscar nominations were announced early this morning.

The film is also the winner of the Poppy Jasper Film Festival’s science fiction category. It has also won best short film in the Seattle International Film Festival, the jury award for the Omaha Film Festival, audience award for the Fort Collins TriMedia Festival and the best short award for the Stony Brook Film Festival, according to IMDb.com.

“Time Freak” is about an inventor who hopes to correct his past mistakes by creating a time machine and gets lost traveling through time. The film starts John Conor Brooke, Michael Nathanson and Emilea Wilson.

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