South County smoke actually controlled burns

CalFire wants you to have a fun and safe Thanksgiving

South County residents wary of smoke rising into the Friday afternoon sky shouldn’t panic, according to CalFire.

Ever since a burn ban was lifted earlier this week, locals have jumped at the chance to finally burn leaves, trimmings and other agricultural waste they’ve been saving up since before Christmas, said Charles Snyder, communications operator for CalFire in Morgan Hill.

“A lot of people have been waiting anxiously for the burn ban to end,” Snyder said.

Smoke could be seen rising above San Martin and wafting toward Gilroy around 12:30 p.m. Friday as one property owner used a controlled, supervised burn to get rid of some excess leaves.

The recent ban went into effect Dec. 23 because an abnormally dry winter – the driest in two decades – left South County at high risk for fires, Snyder said.

After recent rains, however, officials felt comfortable enough the lift the ban Monday.

“We rescinded the burn ban, and now everybody wants to burn,” Snyder said. 

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