City submits LAFCO applications

The city submitted an application to the county to annex about 67 acres of property just southwest of Morgan Hill into the city limits.

The privately-owned properties comprise 17 parcels on the southern side of the intersection of Monterey and Watsonville roads.

The city council voted unanimously to submit the annexation application to the Santa Clara County Local Agency Formation Commission. The council also voted to pay about $16,700 in LAFCO fees and administrative costs. That amount also includes the city’s share of a “fiscal impact analysis” on the properties’ possible, likely and proposed uses.

That analysis, the purpose of which is to determine how the properties’ incorporation into the city limits would affect the cost of services – such as fire, police and utilities – to reach those new inhabitants.

Also contributing costs to the LAFCO fees and fiscal analysis are private property owners in the annexation area Royal Oaks mushroom farm ($20,839) and the Morgan Hill Bible Church ($20,839).

In Dec. 2011, the council voted to approve general plan amendments and zoning applications allowing the annexation process to move forward.

A letter from LAFCO staff at that time stated the city’s and the other property owners’ plan seemed to be inconsistent with a number of LAFCO guidelines including avoiding the annexation of agricultural land or open space.

The LAFCO board ultimately gets to decide whether or not to approve the annexations.

A public hearing on the proposal and a lengthy review period will be scheduled in the near future.

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