Red Phone: When is road going to be paved?

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

“Is Santa Teresa Boulevard from Hecker Pass to Gavilan College scheduled to be resurfaced and finished anytime soon? Is the contractor going to come back to finish the job?”

Red Phone: Dear Bumping Along,  The paving is being done by Santa Clara County, which has postponed the work until the spring because of the weather, said Herbert Naraval, a civil engineer with the county Roads and Airports Department.

There are two sections of road scheduled to be paved – from Castro Valley Road to Hecker Pass and from Day Road to Watsonville Road, he said. While there hasn’t been an exact date set for work to begin, Naraval estimated that it would take five to six weeks to complete. Electronic message boards will inform drivers at least seven days before the work is scheduled to resume, he said.

“The work in the spring will include micro-surfacing and thermoplastic striping installation,” he said. “The Roads and Airports Department has installed temporary striping and pavement markers for traffic safety.”

So, good caller, hopefully your ride will be a little less bumpy soon.

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