Why do some keyboards look so funny?

Split keyboards aim to reduce awkward wrist positioning.

Straight, standard keyboards are just fine for most people. However, you should consider a split keyboard if placing your hands on a standard keyboard causes any of the following:
-Inward angling of your wrists
-Hunching of your shoulders
-Crowding of your hands
The split keyboard is designed to help your wrists maintain a neutral (straight) position during typing. For some individuals, it helps open and relax the posture of the shoulders. It separates the hands to avoid crowding.
If a split keyboard is for you, choose one that enables you to work with your shoulders relaxed, elbows resting near your sides, and wrists in neutral positions. Refer to the Comfortable Workstation Guide for tips on where best to place your keyboard.
Nancy M. Lowe is the owner and Chief Ergonomist of Pacific Coast Ergonomics, a local ergonomics consulting firm. As a Certified Ergonomist, Registered Physical Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist, she has been treating and preventing injuries in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years.

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