Council OKs ‘small animals’ ordinance

The Gilroy City Council voted 5-2 Monday night to introduce new

After zero discussion on the dais and no public comment Monday night, the Gilroy City Council voted 5-2 to introduce an ordinance that would limit the number of rabbits, chickens and other “small animals” city residents may own.

Under the ordinance, residents living within the city limits would be allowed to own just six minuscule creatures including chickens, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys, peacocks and other legal birds as long as they are shorter than 2 feet in height, according to a city staff report.

Current laws do not permit chickens and rabbits within the city limits, but the new ordinance will change that. Roosters, ostriches and llamas, however, still are not allowed under the new regulations.

Dogs and cats are not included in the ordinance, nor are circuses, carnivals, agricultural shows and other similar events. Pet stores, grooming services and some barns and stables on lands annexed into the city also do not have to abide by the ordinance, according to the report.

Councilmen Dion Bracco and Bob Dillon voted against the ordinance.

Councilman Perry Woodward, who proposed the ordinance in July, made the motion to approve. His motion was seconded by Councilwoman Cat Tucker.

The ordinance also lays out sanitary guidelines for penning and feeding the small animals.

Worth noting:

– Mayor Al Pinheiro honored Gilroy resident Patrick Dinsmore for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

– Councilman Dillon proposed the Council re-issue a vote of no confidence on the state’s controversial high-speed rail project at a later meeting. The Council approved a similar vote in October 2010.

– The Council unanimously approved a bid of roughly $1.1 million for payment resurfacing on Church Street and Wren Avenue.

– Julie Garcia and Brittany Lehman were appointed to open seats on the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission.

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