Santa Barbara Bank & Trust raises fees


Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, which has a branch located at 8000 Santa Teresa Blvd. in Gilroy, has raised its service fees and changed some of its account terms and conditions. 

Effective March 6, personal checking accounts will have an $11 monthly maintenance fee. This fee will be waived for checking accounts that (a) have a minimum daily balance of $1,000, (b) have a monthly average balance of at least $2,000 or (3) have combined balances of $5,000 or more in qualified accounts. 

Other changes include a $15 fee for interest checking; a $25 maintenance fee for Capital Tiered Checking; a $15 quarterly maintenance fee for personal savings and minor accounts; a $15 monthly maintenance fee for Capital Tiered Savings and a $15 monthly maintenance fee for business checking.

It’s important to note that any of these fees will be waived if a certain balance amount is maintained in each respective account. For the detailed fee schedule, click on the PDF document included with this article. 


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