Red Phone: Pothole needs to be fixed again

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

“I am inquiring when they are going to fix this sink hole on Eighth and Forest streets. The barricade has been up there for more than a week. It sank once already. They filled it with cold seal. As soon as the rain came, it sank again. People go flying by here doing 50 mph. They are going to end up crashing. If they have a barricade, they know there is a problem and they should fix it. Thanks.”

Red Phone: Dear Stuck In a Hole Again, Unfortunately holes do sometimes tend to sink after rains.

But this hole is on the city’s radar and should be fixed in about a week, said David Stubchaer, operations director for the city of Gilroy, after talking with the street crews this week.

So hopefully your ride will soon be a little less bumpy, good caller.

And just a reminder to people who are traveling down the road, slow down and be careful especially around this area. The speed limit in a residential area is generally 25 mph.

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