Spice of Life “Educator of the Year”: Dr. David Matuszak

David Matuszak, Director of the Santa Clara County Regional

“Educator of the Year” is a fitting title for someone serving the needs of 4,000 students annually.

As director of the South County Regional Occupational Programs for the past 12 years, Dr. David Matuszak is a driving force behind Career Technical Education opportunities for South County high school and community college students.

The Chamber praises Matuszak as one who champions multiple course offerings, which opens up career pathways to students in the areas of health, technology, environmental horticulture and computer/digital applications.

By ensuring CTE courses align with University of California requirements, Gilroy students are privy to a wide array of classes that meet the UC and California State University admission requirements. Through these courses, industry certifications earned by students are invaluable for employment opportunities.

The Chamber coins Matuszak as “an educator who understands business.”

Because of this, “the progress and success of the CTE offerings in our region are spot-on for preparing people for career growth and the evolving employment needs of business,” the Chamber states.

“He has been an inspirational leader, mentor, community member and asset to our organization,” said ROP Manager Abby Ortiz-Baldwin, who has worked with Matuszak for 11 years. “He encourages and expects his team, managers, coordinators, teachers and staff to also provide the same servant leadership to their respective schools, community and profession.”