Still few details about Feb. 2 FBI raid

The townhouse where Aaron Carlon, 42-year-old child porn suspect lived.

Few details have emerged in the week following an early morning raid in Gilroy, in which a 42-year-old man wanted by local police was apprehended by federal agents on yet-to-be-announced charges.

On Feb. 2, FBI agents and Gilroy Police Department officers served a search warrant at 7 a.m. in the 200 block of Lewis Street, arresting resident Aaron Carlon, who is wanted by GPD for a hit and run.

FBI officials won’t say why federal agents took part in the operation, and U.S. Attorney Spokesman Jack Gillund said he could “neither confirm nor deny the existence of a federal case” against Carlon.

FBI spokesman Pete Lee said he’s withholding comment on Carlon’s arrest until affidavits related to the investigation are unsealed. Lee couldn’t say for sure when that would happen.

“It all depends. On the case and the judge, it just depends,” Lee said.

One of Carlon’s neighbors told the Dispatch she saw officers taking computer equipment from his home during the raid. She said the street was flooded with police cars, while another neighbor said she witnessed officers strapping on bullet-proof vests prior to the raid.


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