Red Phone: A conflict of interest?

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“Dear Red Phone, Does the city of Gilroy have a contract with Bracco towing to pick up parking violation vehicles or are they suppose to use a “rotation” system as CHP does? IF there is a contract or whatever between Gilroy and Bracco then wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest? And the fact that Bracco’s wife has been a city employee during his time on the council, would that be a conflict also? Does it seem as though Mr. Bracco is using his “seat” and his wife or whomever it is that gave him information to play some very ugly games to discredit his opponent so he can be elected as mayor?”

Red Phone: Dear Dear Stuck in Mud, The City of Gilroy doesn’t specifically have a contract with just one towing service, said Gilroy Police Sgt. Chad Gallacinao. The city does have a similar policy to the California Highway Patrol, using Bracco’s Towing and three other services on a rotating basis, he said.

Generally councilmen and women try to refrain from voting on anything that would be directly perceived as a conflict. But you raise an interesting point about the conflict of interest that may be better addressed by writing a letter to the editor or appearing before the council to ask the question directly.

Having a relative employed by the city while serving a term is not necessarily a conflict of interest. Former Councilman Roland Velasco’s wife worked for the city as well.

The Dispatch has fully reported on “Alarmgate” when Bracco sought information on the home alarm status of his fellow councilman and mayoral opponent Perry Woodward. As to the question of being mayor, the voters will have to decide that.

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