Old City Hall building still looking for takers

Old City Hall on Monterey Street was propped up and repaired

The owner of a now-defunct downtown Gilroy restaurant is still searching for someone to take the lease off his hands.

Gary Walton, who owned Spanish tapas restaurant Lizarran for two years with his brother, Joe, says he’s spoken to some “prospects” about taking over the lease at the two-story Old City Hall, located at the corner of Sixth and Monterey streets.

So far, however, there’s been no deal.

“Still nothing to report,” Walton wrote in an email Thursday.

Walton added that he’s, “looking for someone to take over the lease and purchase the equipment, fixtures, licenses and any other assets of the restaurant.”

Lizarran was open for two years but closed this past New Year’s Day for economic reasons. In addition to its unique-to Gilroy menu, Lizarran was at times a hub for flamenco dancing and community gatherings.

Restaurant owner Adam Sanchez, who runs The Milias Restaurant across the street from the former Lizarran site, said he probably will not take over the building.

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