Got mice? Get a barn cat!

The Santa Clara County Animal Shelter has a number of barn cats

Do you have mice? Do you want to be a friend to a feline in need?

The County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter, located at 12370 Murphy Avenue in San Martin, has a surplus of barn cats who are healthy, fixed, vaccinated and ready to be your personal mouser. 

Shelter Supervisor Brigid Wasson explained the homes previously lined up for these barn cats fell through. 

“The kitties will be happy to live outside, so long as they have a barn or other place to find shelter and safety from predators,” she explained. 

The cats will catch mice in your hay barn or garage, and only need to be fed once a day, Wasson said. They are not pets, but may warm up to people they become used to and interact with over time. 

Details: Call (408) 686-3900 or stop by the shelter in San Martin if you can provide a home for one of these cats. 




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