Hearing for accused bobcat killer postponed


The pre-trial hearing for a Morgan Hill man accused of killing a bobcat without a license and eating it was postponed, authorities said. 

Henry Arnibal, 38, had a hearing scheduled for Feb. 16 at South County Courthouse in Morgan Hill, but it was rescheduled for March 15, according to South Santa Clara County supervising deputy district attorney Steve Lowney.

Arnibal was arrested Nov. 8, 2011 by sheriff’s deputies who visited his home near Sleepy Valley Road and Armsby Lane in west Morgan Hill with a warrant to search the property for an illegal marijuana garden. 

Arnibal is charged with possession of methamphetamine, being under the influence of methamphetamine, possession of illegal cockfighting implements and the unlawful killing of a bobcat, authorities said.

No marijuana was found, but deputies contacted Arnibal, who occupied a trailer on the property. Authorities determined he was under the influence of methamphetamine, and police said they found about three-tenths of a gram of the drug in his possession. 

Also found on the property were seven cockfighting gaffs, implements that can fit over a rooster’s leg for the purpose of illegally fighting the animals, police said.

And authorities found a bobcat carcass on the property. Arnibal allegedly told police he ate the bobcat after killing it. 

He also admitted he killed the wild animal because it attacked his roosters, police said. He allegedly shot the bobcat with a .22-caliber rifle, which was also found on the property. About 50 roosters were also living on the property. 

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