Do you think the city should shut down and/or fine all unlicensed street vendors?

• Yes. Competition is already fierce and when competing against unlicensed, typically uninsured vendors, it simply is impossible and unfair. • Yes. With an exception. This year they should simply be warned and given instructions on obtaining the proper license. Since the city has allowed street vendor selling to go on so long, the small businesses will have interested a lot in inventory, and it wouldn’t be fair to face this loss unexpectedly. I don’t think our local businesses are significantly affected. The people who buy from the street vendors aren’t going to buy from our local florists in the first place. The cost difference is likely dramatic. • Yes. Local businesses pay for their location, permits, business licenses, utilities, insurance and taxes among other costs to make products available to the public. I don’t believe people should come into our community to sell merchandise with very little overhead nor responsibility. • Yes! When laws are in place, they must be enforced. Period. • Yes! Finally, it appears that the work on Valentine’s Day was a job well done. Unlicensed vendors pick the pockets of brick and mortar businesses as well as skim tax revenues from city coffers. I would like to see enforcement applied to taco carts next. I’d bet anyone a burrito lunch, from Victoria’s, that the portable wagons around town are also in violation. • They should be regulated and, if not permitted, then notify them they are in violation and give them information to get licensed. After that, give them a ticket and shut down. All businesses should have a license to operate in the city so they are paying taxes and following guidelines for health if they are serving food. • Shut down. Market competition is good as long as the playing field is level. Illegal vendors have lower costs and, therefore, an advantage over legitimate businesses. Also, consumers should have a reasonable expectation of quality and safety which illegal vendors cannot provide. Finally, if vendors are not controlled, there is potential for conflict

between uses and blight. • Yes, for those high profile holidays. While there are some street vendors that pop up out of no where when holidays such as Valentine’s Day hit and display gaudy cupid dolls etc. most vendors don’t excite The Dispatch until the flower shop owners get unlicensed competition. I agree with the flower shop group that these cupid doll stands should have their legs cut on their tables until they obtain their weekend license during these holiday periods. However buying roses for $50 to $100 can be a bit much, so I head to the grocery store where a bouquet of flowers is at least reasonable, granted no delivery. • Yes, but I also think the cost of a license should be reasonably priced. • Yes. Shut down first. License later. Hike fees.

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