Red Phone: Dead trees at Las Animas

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

“I am here at Las Animas Park between the nice baseball diamond and tennis courts. Right in between there are about 15 trees. Three of them are seriously dead, which could become a hazard in the future. I was wondering if they could be removed.”

Red Phone: Dear Tree Hugger, It looks like Mount Madonna is not the only place in the area that is having trouble with trees. David Stubchaer, operations supervisor for the City of Gilroy, confirmed they are indeed “seriously dead,” as you mentioned good caller. Based on visual observations, he said they don’t appear to be an immediate hazard. But he forwarded the information to the city’s tree service contractor, West Coast Arborists, to have them removed in the next several weeks.

Respect the road and each other

“Dear Red Phone, it is so frustrating when bicyclists who ride in and around the area thinking they own the road! I was driving around recently when a bunch of bicyclists were not staying in their bike lane, and had absolutely no consideration for the vehicles around them. Don’t they know they are required to follow all traffic laws, just like motorists? They are not only putting themselves in danger, but others around them. How can  we get the word out to educate these bikers to comply to traffic laws and share the road with vehicles?”

Red  Phone: Dear Frustrated, Red Phone gets this concern several times a year, probably because there are so many bicyclists who live here and enjoy the rural roads around the area. Red Phone could not agree more with your concerns. But, like most people behaving badly, it’s a small percentage of bicyclists who act the way you described. However, you are correct in that they put themselves and others in danger by disobeying laws of the road. Hopefully, word gets out they behave in a more orderly fashion. And that goes for motorists, as well. Be aware of your surroundings and respect each other.

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