Red Phone: What’s up with gas prices?

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut
“What the heck is going on with the Chevron station in Gilroy. Nine 
days ago there was a news article about average the price of fuel going 
over $4, and Chevron was already $4 so they raised their price from 
$4.09 to $4.35. And then there was an article about a strait that Iran 
might try to block and the price going up to $5, and overnight Chevron 
went from $4.39 to $4.55 a gallon. Gilroy has an unemployment rate of 
more than 15 percent. All we have is retail and minimum wage jobs. How 
on earth are people supposed to be expected to pay that today with no 
guarantee they won’t keep jacking it up in the future. This is from 
seven to nine days that they have done it. Who is going to put a stop 
to this?”

Red Phone: Dear Hiked Up, Unfortunately gas prices are on the rise, and 
they will continue to rise now that the season of travel is near. It’s 
not just Chevron, but it is all stations.
Prices are up an average of about 50 cents across the country from last 
year primarily due to a rise in the cost of crude oil and tensions in 
the Middle East. Sometimes people get locked up in to their own world 
and don’t realize there are real events going on around the world that 
do have an effect on prices. There is some good news, though. In a USA 
Today story last week, some experts said that they didn’t see gas 
prices averaging more than $5 a gallon in the near future.
Generally in Gilroy you’ll find that it is cheaper buying your gas west 
of Highway 101 because there are fewer people and therefore less 
demand. The only exception is Costco Gas, which was $4.05 unleaded and 
$4.26 for supreme Friday afternoon. You have to be a member though and 
you have to figure out how much your time is worth to wait in the 
always long lines.
The cheapest price Red Phone found in Gilroy on Friday afternoon was at 
the Arco ampm on Leavesley Road. Gas there was $4.11/$4.41. Here is a 
quick look at some of the prices around Gilroy. American on 10th and 
Monterey streets, $4.13/$4.33; Chevron on 10th and Monterey streets 
$4.15/$4.43; United and Rotten Robbie on Leavesley Road, $4.29/$4.49; 
76 on Leavesley Road, $4.25/$4.49, 76 on First Street, $4.22/$4.46, 
Chevron on Camino Arroyo, $4.29/$4.45; Shell on Highway 152, 
$4.31/4.51. At the Hollister Chevron on Friday, prices ranged from 
$4.13 to $4.35. Chevron shoppers will want to use a Club Card or pay 
cash to save 6 cents a gallon.
While it may be little consolation, at least it’s not as bad as 
Orlando, Fla., where gas  has reached a high of $5.89 a gallon. The 
scene from the futuristic thriller “I am Legend” doesn’t seem so far 
fetched now with the price of $6.95 per gallon.
Fortunately there are apps and websites like GasBuddy ( 
where you can check the lowest prices. Just remember to check before 
heading out so you don’t waste gas circling around. Maybe now is a good 
time to trade in that SUV for something more gas-efficient.

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