Birthday cake every four years

Gilroyan Janeen Patterson celebrated her eighth (and really her 32nd) birthday Wednesday at Tasso's. The cake looks strikingly similar to her banner from her first (and really fourth) birthday in 1984.

Leaping good year!: Looking great at the age of 8, Janeen Patterson (actually 32 years old) celebrated her birthday Wednesday night at Tasso’s. She was born on Leap Year 1980.

She was born and raised in Gilroy and works as an X-ray technician. Her 5-year-old daughter Jasmine sits in her lap during the birthday party Wednesday night. On Janeen’s first birthday (really her fourth) the Dispatch grabbed a photo of her parents throwing her a party in 1984.

Here’s to a leaping happy birthday to you Janeen and all other Leap Year babies.


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