Update: Verizon fiberoptic cable cut causing phone, Internet outage in Morgan Hill


Verizon land line services are down for parts of Morgan Hill. A construction crew cut a fiberoptic cable on the Butterfield Extension project near Watsonville and Monterey Road this morning, according to South Valley Internet.  

This caused a service failure to land line, Internet and cell phone services. 

This caused a failure to land line, Internet and cell phone services and some ATM’s and debit card transactions in stores throughout the city.

Jarryd Gonzales, a representatives from Verizon, said crews are working to replace the cable that was damaged.  

“We’re working hard to replace the cable, it looks like it will be complete sometime in the early evening,” said Gonzales.

Incoming calls receive a busy dial tone signal. 

Land lines for the Morgan Hill Times have been not functioning since at least 9 a.m. Fox Racing and Chase Bank phone lines have also said via Facebook and Twitter that their lines are not working. The Morgan Hill Police Department main phone line also has a “All circuits are busy” message. 

Safeway grocery stores posted a sign informing customers that EBT, gift cards and debit cards are currently down and not processing. 

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