Red Phone: Soliciting is out of control

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

“This is in response to the annoyed by solicitors article from ages ago. Gilroy needs to pass a law similar to Mountain View where soliciting is just not OK. We have people who come through for home improvement, roofing and this and that. Even if they have a badge they never have  business cards. They just want to come in your house quote something and get your money. We have too many retired elderly people and too many people not at home during the day to have these people wandering through the street casing the neighborhoods and knocking on doors, making it obvious who is not at home and who is and harassing the elderly in this town. The soliciting needs to stop. It is ridiculous all the trash they leave on doors. It has gotten completely out of control.”
& Red Phone: Dear Fed Up With Solicitors, Unfortunately as people get more desperate to make a sale, their tactics can get seedy sometimes. The City of Gilroy does require solicitors to obtain a permit and carry it with them at all times. But that doesn’t always stop them from trying to peddle their wares.
A legitimate solicitor won’t be afraid to show a business license or give you a number or website to check for more information about the products. Also be wary of someone who wants to get the deal done in a hurry.
According to the Gilroy Municipal Code, peddlers with licenses are allowed to go door to door only from 9 a.m. to sunset. And it is illegal for them to go to houses with “no soliciting” signs posted.
If you would would like to see the policies toughened, the best way to do that is by presenting your case at a City Council meeting. Bring any documenting evidence like times or incidents that you observed with you to make a stronger case.
If you feel threatened you should report the incident to police at 846-0350. Include as much information as like the description of the person, what they were selling and description and license plate number of the vehicle.

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