Funeral services set for Gavilan trustee Mike Davenport

The family of Mike Davenport, a Gavilan College board of trustee who died last week at the age of 47, have announced his funeral services. 

Services will begin at 11 a.m. March 17, at the South Valley Community Church in Gilroy, 8095 Kelton Drive.

Laura Perry, Gavilan Board of trustees president and friend of the Davenport family said the family is coping. She said Terri, Davenport’s wife, “is amazing.” 

“She’s such a source of strength for everyone. It’s become clear in the past couple of weeks why Mike married her,” Perry said. “She’s setting the example for the rest of us.” 

Perry said Davenport’s spot on the Gavilan board will be missed. The last time most of his fellow trustees saw him was right before his accident, during the Feb. 14 board meeting. 

The next meeting will be Tuesday. Perry said she doesn’t think the board is quite yet ready yet to discuss what to do about Davenport’s seat on the board. 

“I’m not emotionally ready to do that on Tuesday,” she said. “It’s a little … it’s just bad.” 

Davenport’s seat would have been up for re-election in November. The board could appoint someone as early as April to serve on the board through November. A newly elected board member after the November election will be seated in December, said Perry. Another option is the board could wait until the November election and leave the seat empty. 

“It seems it doesn’t hurt the school at all to wait a couple of weeks,” said Perry on having the board discuss the matter. 

She said in her nearly 20 years of serving on the Gavilan board, she does not ever recall a 3-3 vote. She is, however, leaning toward appointing someone to fill the spot until the election. 

Davenport died March 2 after suffering a severe head injury when he fell off the roof of his motor home Feb. 20 when he was gassing up at the Chevron station on Cochrane Road. Davenport was a manager at Cisco Systems, president and CEP of the Morgan Hill Cigar Co., and member of the Morgan Hill Rotary Club. 

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