Methodist Church alive with four months of music

When not teaching piano, Candace Fazzio, far right, is known to

Candace Fazzio, director of The Music Academy in Gilroy, believes that there is enough local talent to present a dynamic music concert series to the community – so she’s partnered with the Gilroy United Methodist Church to do just that.

“Musi-Kaleidoscope,” is a five-part musical series beginning this Saturday, with a variety of musical programs such as a brass quintet, string quartet and two piano-driven concerts.

“I just thought, there is enough professional musicians on this side of the valley, ‘why don’t we come together and come up with something that is down home and local,’” Fazzio said.

Fazzio jokingly said that while Carnegie Hall isn’t knocking on their door, this series does showcase some very talented musicians.

“The Methodist Church is the nicest venue in the area,” she said. “The acoustics are great.”

On April 7, Fazzio herself will play piano as the soundtrack to a full-length silent movie, “The Kid Brother,” starring Harold Lloyd, using the music to enhance the mood of each scene. While most of the music during the movie will be classical, she said she is “cheating,” and plans to include a song from Monty Python” and “Popeye the Sailor.”  

She said she is looking forward to giving the piano at the church a “nice workout.”

The event is free so that everyone can attend, even those with empty pockets. A donation box will be available however, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the charities of the Methodist church, such as the World Service Fund.

“We’ll look sideways when people walk through the door so we won’t know who is contributing,” she said, laughing. “We want anyone who loves music to be able to come.”

The programs are on Saturdays at 2 p.m., at 7600 Church St., and begin March 17 with a string quartet. Following concert dates are April 7 with Fazzio on piano, April 28 with a brass quintet, May 19 with ragtime pianists, and a woodwind quintet on June 9. For more specific information on each concert date, call 848-1064.

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