New show highlights some of area’s fascinating folks


Every city in the United States has colorful characters. We even have some in our own little town of Morgan Hill. Who are these people?
We’re glad you asked because we will introduce you to some of the interesting folks who happen to live right here in Morgan Hill and the surrounding area. They’ll be guests on a new talk show called “Talk of the Town,” airing on MHAT (Morgan Hill Access TV) Channel 19 and on MHAT’s website.
“Talk of the Town” will focus on local, fascinating and unusual people. From authors and comedians to collectors and musicians, local citizens with peculiar jobs, hobbies, collections or talents will be highlighted. There will also be a segment called “Street Talk” where we interview people to learn what news is on “the street,” or talk to local business owners to find out what new things there are to see, do, eat and drink in the area.
The first show features Ian Sanders, author of the book “Views of Morgan Hill,” which takes readers on a journey through postcards and images of the history of Morgan Hill. Joining him is his co-author, local historian and former Morgan Hill mayor, Beth Wyman. Together they discuss how they collaborated to write their book, share some interesting stories and talk about a few of their favorite images.
Also appearing on the premiere episode is comedian Wes Hofmann of HaHa Hofmann Productions. Wes is not only a comedian but is also emcee and producer of a monthly comedy night at the Morgan Hill Playhouse and at Gilroy’s 9Lives Club. The comedy performances happen on the last Thursday of every month (except in December), and feature many of the top comedians in the Bay Area.
Plans for future episodes of “Talk of the Town” include a collector and exhibitor of everything to do with pirates, local musicians and a few other fun surprises.
“Talk of the Town” is produced and hosted by Teresa Widdowson of Digital Moon Studios, the same producer that brings you “The Arts in Morgan Hill,” which focuses on arts and theater related events.
Future episodes are currently in the works and will cover the upcoming Morgan Hill Wine Stroll and the open mic night at Hot Java coffee shop in downtown Morgan Hill.
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