Pet Foster Opportunities with Pet Friends

Jasmine the cat

Pet Friends would like to announce that due to the upcoming kitten season, Foster Family opportunities are available. Both Cat and Dog foster pets will be available, for kittens, puppies, and adults. We are looking for people who would be dedicated to providing a temporary home for an animal or two, to help with the animal care at Pet Friends. The ideal candidates would accept the animal into their home as if it was their own, and provide love and care on a one-on-one basis to the animal. A secondary option is to foster the animal while it resides at Pet Friends; regular visits, and spending quality play time with the animal would be a great benefit for the cat or dog, and help them become more adoptable in the future. There are cats who would become more accepting of people, with additional time spent along side of them, and dogs who are just looking to find some person to play with and befriend. Kittens and puppies who could really use a person to look up to and hang with. And it just feels good to be that special person in a cat’s or dog’s life.
   Pet Friends will provide food and vet care if needed. The foster will need to provide a safe, loving temporary home for the animal, and occasionally allow visits with potential adopters (at the home, or back at the Pet Friends facility, whatever works best). Regular contact with Pet Friends would be expected, with updates on the animal’s health and condition. Potential adopters will still contact Pet Friends first, and Pet Friends will arrange an acceptable visit time with the potential adopter and the foster, at an agreeable location.
   One of the Pet Friends residents like Jasmine would really benefit from a foster home. She is very people-oriented, and loves to have a special person’s lap to be in or next to. She is quiet, gentle, and very mellow, but a little intimidated by a large number of other cats around.
   If you’re interested in helping Pet Friends as a foster home or adopting, please call 831-634-1191, or visit Pet Friends at 2975 Buena Vista Road. We can be reached on the web at, or email [email protected] .
   One person can make a difference in a homeless pet’s life. Be that person.

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