Red Phone: Silos need graffiti removed

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

“What’s with those silos on U.S. 101 south of Highway 25? It is amazing that the owners can collect money for advertising but can’t take the graffiti off. Who is responsible for keeping them clean? They are the gateway to Gilroy.”

Red Phone: Dear Gateway To Gilroy, Even though the area is prominent as people drive through the area, the property owner is still responsible for maintaining the area, said Santa Clara County Code Enforcement Coordinator Jim Lanz. 

The property owner has struggled to keep graffiti off this area and has been on the Dispatch’s Eyesore of the Week list. Upon closer inspection you can see numerous layers of paint covering up the graffiti. 

In 1911, Henry Miller hired William Radtke to build the silos on the old Bloomfield Ranch, according to “Images of America Gilroy” by Claudia Salewske.  Miller, who at one time owned 1.5 million acres in California, Oregon and Nevada, had his headquarters at the ranch. 

Since then, the property has had several owners.  It was near the location where the first Garlic Festival was held in 1979. The property is located at 5350 Bolsa Road, but the SCC Assessor’s Office has no property on file at this address.

Readers, If you know who owns the property or know more about the history of the silos, feel free to let us know.

Call to Red Phone gets credit from Charter

“Red Phone, I wrote in (last week) regarding a $20 charge from Charter for a one minute call. When I notified them and told them I contacted you they told me they would credit me the $20. Wanted to let you know so you do not expend time and energy.”

Red  Phone: Dear Problem Solved, Red Phone ran the item last week. And while it’s good to hear you were credited, it’s important for others to learn about the Call Trace feature, that automatically initiates a trace of the last call you received, according to Verizon.

Glad to hear just the mention of calling Red Phone got you your credit. Thanks for calling Red Phone.

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