Kirigin Cellars

Renee Ratkin of Kirigin Cellers greets new wine tasters as she hauls away the many empty bottles from the numerous tastings of the afternoon guests Saturday during Passport Weekend.

Founded in 1916, Kirigin Cellars is one of California’s oldest wineries and is located in the hills west of Gilroy. Kirigin Cellars is home to fine wines, hand-crafted in small batches.
In 2000, Dhruv Khanna purchased Kirigin Cellars when the original owner, Nikola Kirigin, retired. Dhruv added a sports field to provide a venue for local cricket teams which play year-round.  We’re open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Come enjoy complimentary tasting of a dozen different varietals, including our famous “Vino de Mocca.” Try our Malvasia Blanca which just won Best in Class at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. We don’t use outside distributors, meaning we can sell direct to you, the wine lover, at wholesale discounts. We offer 30% off 6 bottles, 50% off cases (12 bottles), and 3 or more cases are a flat $100 per case. Bring a picnic, and on most summer weekends, come watch a cricket match on our beautiful sports fields.
MORE: 408-847-3820; [email protected]
VISIT: 11550 Watsonville Road, Gilroy

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