Rapazzini Winery

Alex Larson is co-owner of Rapazzini Winery.

Rapazzini Winery was opened in 1962 by Jon Rapazzini at the intersection of Highways 101 and 25 just south of Gilroy. Brothers, Charlie and Alex Larson, purchased the winery in 2000 where they continue to make great wines at affordable prices. They offer a wide range of 30 different wines -including 20 specific varietals and Almond Champagne.
Rapazzini’s best sellers are their fruit wines – Apribella (apricot/peach blend), Berry Berry and Raspberry Delight – delicious on their own, or especially so when mixed with sparkling wine.
In keeping with all-things-garlic, Rapazzini’s offers their world-famous garlic wine, Chateau de Garlic. When paired with linguine in garlic clam sauce, this wine is a garlic lover’s delight.
Wine tasting at Rapazzini Winery is only $7 for 5 different wine tastes. While you’re tasting, browse their great selection of gift items including humorous wine t-shirts, wine bags that looks like designer hand-bags and garlicky specialty foods.
Buy some Rapazzini for your home and spread the joy of enjoying life every day.
MORE: 408-842-5649; www.rapazziniwinery.com
VISIT: 4350 Monterey Highway, Gilroy

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