Red Phone: How full is the cemetery?

Interior new wing addition to Cypress Mausoleum.

“I was just wondering what Habing’s plan is for the cemetery when they reach capacity. And how close are they when they get to capacity? And what are they going to do when they get to capacity?”
& Red Phone: Dear Concerned About The Future, Both Gavilan Hill Memorial Park in Gilroy and Mt. Hope Memorial Park in Morgan Hill still have plenty of space available, said Jim Habing, whose family has owned the facility at 1000 First St. in Gilroy since 1986 and the Morgan Hill facility since 2004.
Gavilan Hills still has about 50 to 60 years left for ground burials and above ground burials, and Mt. Hope has about 100 years before it reaches capacity, Habing said. At that time, the family would consider purchasing a new facility, he said.
The mausoleums in both the Gavilan Hills and neighboring St. Mary’s Cemetery are full, he said. Gavilan Hills, which was originally started in 1852 and was the former Mason’s and I.O.O.F cemetery,  was built to have two additional wings added in the future for mausoleums. The family is currently offering a 25 percent discount on spots reserved in the new wing.
The Habing family has owned and operated Gilroy’s local funeral home since 1943. The location on 129 Fourth St. was designed by William Weeks and built by William Radtke Construction in 1928. It was originally operated by the Barshinger Family until the sale to the Habing family.

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