What can your library do for you?

Library 2012

Children: Let your imagination go with story hour and activities in the new tree-themed children’s room with padded carpet that’s comfortable enough to curl up on. Check with librarians for upcoming story times – there’s a session at 3 p.m. on Saturday during the celebration of the grand opening.

Parents of young children

Take a much-needed break while your children are at story hour. Kick back on a couch and read books and magazines pertaining to parenthood that are kept next to the children’s room. But don’t fret – you can keep your eyes on your children the entire time through the ceiling-to-floor glass window.

Job seekers

Job View, a machine that looks like an ATM and holds a huge database of job listings from Bay Area newspapers, is the service for you. Sign in, browse jobs and make initial contact with employers to find out if you qualify for the position without having to leave the library.


Get online tutoring through a free service called Brainfuse. Students can log-in from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily to receive live homework help from a graduate student or retired teacher. There is an option to upload documents so the tutor can review written work and provide feedback. Also, the librarians on staff know a thing or two about how to research. They are there to help you.


Make the library your new after-school meeting place for homework and hanging out with friends in the library’s group study room, located in the young adult section on the second floor. Think libraries are too stuffy and quiet for you? The good news is that this study room is sound proof, so go ahead, make some noise.

Technology gurus

The new library is completely installed with high-speed WiFi. Bring your laptop, Kindle or iPod and download audio books or digital books. Or, check out what’s called a Playaway – a digital audiobook that is smaller than a deck of cards. Just plug in headphones and go.

Take a break

Pick up a copy of that novel you’ve been meaning to read, find a cozy corner near a window and indulge. Does the clicking of a keyboard or the residual hum of computers remind you too much of the office? You’re in the right place. The computers are limited to their own space, so that your reading nook is space where you can truly relax. On a nice day, you can also take your book to the courtyard.

Meet a new friend

The library is all about linking a community together, said Lani Yoshimura, head librarian. Whether it’s an election forum, a book club or just a group of people who love the same breed of dog, let the library be the place where you gather with old friends and meet new ones. Rooms are available to use for meetings. 

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