Ronan Avenue pet not poisoned, report says

Coty, a one-year-old orange tabby/mancoon mix died on Easter morning from an unknown cause. Janet Rey took him in as a stray when he was three-weeks-old and suspects he may have been poisoned.

Toxicology results came in for the dog on Ronan Avenue whose owner suspected it was poisoned, and the verdict is in: No evidence of poisoning was found.

“The analysis confirmed that no toxic compounds were detected.  The laboratory analysis would have detected diverse chemical classes – to include pesticides, environmental contaminants, drugs, natural products and other toxins,” Gilroy Police Sgt. Chad Gallacinao wrote in an email. 

The deceased dog’s gastric parts were sent to a lab in Davis for analysis last month, and the report was returned to the GPD April 26. 

Faviola Bataz, the dog’s owner, said despite the toxicology report, she is not convinced her pet wasn’t poisoned. 

She is still planning on setting up cameras in her backyard, which backs up to Lily Ave, near Lily Gardens Apartments, to monitor any suspicious activity. 

“We’ll just put up the cameras and see what happens,” Bataz said. 

Four other pets on or near Ronan Avenue were suspected to be poisoned and died as a result last month, but were not examined. 

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