Gilroy High School: Home of the…cats?

Gilroy High School teacher Bryn Del Mano has been capturing feral cats who live on the campus and paying to have them fixed. Want to adopt a feline mouser who can keep rodents out of your barn or garage? Email Del Mano at [email protected] 

Gavilan College might be known for its resident swallows, salamanders, turtles, ducks and frogs, but it’s not the only educational hub in Gilroy that attracts members of the animal kingdom.

Gilroy High School, apparently, has a copiousness of feral cats that call the campus home, according to art teacher Bryn Del Mano.

“I think there are about 20 cats living at the GHS right now,” she said. “When you’re here at night, they all come out.”

Del Mano decided last year to take the issue her own hands.

She’s been trapping one feline at a time – then paying $25 out-of-pocket to have each cat’s reproductive capabilities curtailed. Del Mano releases the cats back onto campus after they’ve been spayed/neutered.

“I trap, neuter and return them, and then they don’t make more cats,” she said. “I wasn’t looking for a project. I just began to notice it.”

Del Mano said she’s caught approximately 20 cats in the last year, not to mention a dozen kittens, which she was able to find homes for.

She says any of the feral cats at GHS would make terrific mousers for someone’s barn, farm or garage, in exchange for being fed once a day and having a place to find shelter and safety from predators.

It’s important to remember that feral cats are not pets, but may warm up to people they become used to and interact with over time.

Anyone who wants to adopt a feral barn cat from GHS is encouraged to email Del Mano at [email protected]

“I need to stand up for those guys. I believe animals aren’t trash,” she said. “If I could find some home for some of them, that would be outstanding.”

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