Hunger Games

WERC volunteer Joy Joyner with Lazarus the gopher snake

 …the snake-y kind.  Lazarus the gopher snake and Oreo the king snake, two of the educational critters at the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center, have come out of winter dormancy and they are hungry hunters! 
Oreo has eaten 37 mice in the last two months and Lazarus (who has been with WERC since 1989—he is now over 30 years old) has eaten 57 in only 1-1/2 months—including 9 in one day—and he isn’t finished yet!  He’s exceeded the amount he ate over the entire year of 2011!   The two reptiles have eaten so much that they’ve literally outgrown their skin—Laz shedding twice already and Oreo once so far.   In the snake kingdom, it’s a good thing to go UP a size.

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